First Gear: Beretta; Streamlight and Sentry Tactical

posted on August 1, 2023
Beretta; Streamlight and Sentry Tactical
Photos: Peter Fountain

1. No-Rip Range Pants
Beretta has recently rolled out a line of women’s tactical wear, and if its Hook RipTech pants are any indication, they’ve thought through our needs pretty well. Between the durable two-way-stretch fabric and the internal flex elastic on the waistband, a full range of motion is ensured. Cargo pockets, pockets for extras like lip balm and pocket knives (reinforced, of course), tactical-belt compatible belt loops and kneepad slots round out the details. And, since they’ve designed them over several years with the input of a diverse group of women, they just fit better and look better than most options I’ve encountered. ($129.00;

2. Light Anywhere
The first thing I did with the Streamlight Syclone Jr. was attach it to my bedside safe using its magnetic base; next, I got a second one for my car. This tough little 3-inch, 5-ounce light has two LED light modes, one a bright white spot that goes up to 400 lumens and one a flood light with a color-correcting tone that goes up to 300 lumens. It has three settings (high, medium, low) for each mode. The Syclone Jr. swivels 360 degrees so you can easily aim it where you need it and it runs for two hours in either mode. It has a small stowable hook in case you can’t use the magnetic base to attach it and is USB-rechargeable and water-resistant. ($67.42;

3. Tougher, Lighter Magazines
SENTRY Hexmag carbon-fiber magazines use a proprietary composite material that makes them lighter and yet tougher than comparable models. The hex print offers a good grip and the follower and floor plates are color-customizable with seven colors currently available, so you can color-code by caliber, gun or any other category you can think up—oh, and it’s extra easy to do so since the magazines allow tool-less disassembly. It’s available for a variety of rifle and handgun options with varying capacities from 10 to 30 rounds. (Prices vary from around $14.99 to $23.99;


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