First Gear: Magpul Technical Glove 2.0, Ballistol and Glock 19 Concealment Holster Package

posted on September 30, 2022
Must-Haves for Gun Owners
Photos: Peter Fountain

1. Sweet Suede
The bridge between “good enough” and “excellent” is often made up of very small design differences. Such is the case with the Magpul Technical Glove 2.0. The stretchy synthetic back pulls the rest of the suede material taught for a snug fit; three fingers on each hand are touchscreen-compatible (including the thumb so you can easily swipe); also, a suede thumb panel lets you easily clean glasses or optics. The neoprene cuff and suede pull tab makes these easier to pull on and off and stay firmly in place. They are lightweight and well-stitched for dexterity, which may be why, even though the smallest gloves didn’t quite pull tight enough on my small hands, they were so comfortable and easy to use while shooting that I hardly noticed. ($29.95;

2. Eco-Friendly Gun Cleaning On the Go
You might already be familiar with Ballistol. It is an eco-friendly CLP (cleaner/lubricant/protector) that goes further than most, in that you can use it on leather, metal, wood and rubber, which makes it great for use on tools, knives and, of course, firearms. It is biodegradable, CFC-free, non-carcinogenic and skin-safe. And now you can take it on the go in the form of individually wrapped wipes. I dropped a few packets in my range bag and vehicle, and have found myself using them a lot more often than I thought I might. ($25 for 50 wipes;

3. All in One
You’ve probably seen this with new gun owners: They choose a gun they’ve heard is good—say, the Glock 19—go through the purchase process, and then get utterly overwhelmed when it comes time to choose a decent holster or two, so they pick up one of those cheap, soft holsters that make instructors wince. Clinger Holsters has a better solution for them: the Glock 19 Concealment Holster Package. This package gives them an in-the-waistband kydex hinge holster, an extra kydex holster shell, in- and out-of-the-waistband belt clips, a gear belt clip, a low-ride belt clip and a Clinger cushion. They can put these together in a variety of ways to ensure they have a comfortable and safe setup without too much searching around. ($109.97;


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