First Gear: GTM purse, Remington storage box and Alexo Athletica jacket

posted on May 11, 2023
Gun Tote’n Mamas
Photo: Peter Fountain

1. Concealed Carry, Snake Style
I say it every time I review a bag, and it’s true: on-body carry is better. Even so, a purse offers the most-realistic method of consistent concealed carry for many women. If you’re going to carry in a purse, why not get a great-looking one, like this Gun Tote’n Mamas brand snakeskin-embossed leather beauty? It offers a generous zippered and padded concealed-carry pocket with a hook-and-loop setup to change the draw angle or hand, an even-more-roomy main compartment with one radio-frequency-protected zippered pocket and two open pockets (one sized perfectly for my phone). The most-important feature to me is the attractive slash-proof crossbody strap that comes with it, with a wire discreetly ensconced in a leather strip on top of the wide webbing that distributes the purse’s weight well; the strap also clips on easily to this and other purses. Plus there are two handles to carry that way if you prefer, and the backside one will not fall over the holster area. ($190;

2. Iconic Storage
A merchandising partnership—this time between Remington and Vintage Editions—brings us this old-school shotgun-shell storage box that’s handsome enough to be displayed anywhere; in fact, a variety of such nostalgic storage boxes, along with crates, signs and cupboards, are available, each of them featuring classic Remington branding. ($69;

3. Warm In All the Right Places
Alexo Athletica and Springfield Armory teamed up to make apparel for gun owners. This is my favorite: a lightweight, mesh-paneled jacket that’s ideal for the range. It has mesh everywhere—along the sides, up the front on either side of the zipper, down the inner arm, across the tops of the arms and across the top of the back near the neckline. The remaining material has just the right amount of fill, so you’re kept warm in all the right places and yet don’t end up sweaty. The seams, zippered pockets and zippered sleeves are just right, too. I was concerned about tearing the mesh, especially since the jacket does not have a neck loop to hang it from a peg easily, but so far, no tears, so I think it’s tough enough to stand up to normal use. ($129;


Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.
Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.

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