Friends Of NRA 2024 Gun Of The Year: Henry Matched Set

posted on January 31, 2024
Henry Big Boy Side Gate rifle and Henry Big Boy Revolver
The perfect pair: the limited-edition Friends of NRA Henry Big Boy Side Gate rifle and Henry Big Boy Revolvers are both chambered in .357 Mag./.38 Spl. and are both built with Henry’s unmistakable premium materials and American craftsmanship.
Photos: Peter Fountain

Henry Repeating Arms has joined with Friends of NRA to create a limited-edition Gun of the Year set, a limited run only available at 2024 Friends of NRA events.

That’s right—the 2024 Friends of NRA Gun of the Year is actually two guns, an exclusive matched set of .357 Mag./.38 Spl. goodness. After all, the Big Boy Revolver from Henry Repeating Arms is the perfect companion to ride alongside the world-famous Big Boy Brass Rifle.

The exclusive Big Boy Revolver “Friends of NRA Gun of the Year” edition borrows design cues from its long-gun brethren with highly polished blued steel throughout the medium-sized frame and that iconic Henry brass wrapping through the trigger guard, around the grip and up the backstrap. It is a traditional double-action revolver with a fixed rear notch sight, a four-inch barrel and a handy quick-release switch to remove the cylinder for cleaning. At about 34 ounces, these revolvers carry easily yet shoot softly with a smooth pull and hammer drop in double action and a crisp break in single action. Exclusive to this matched set, the grip stocks are black-stained hardwood, with “Friends of NRA Gun of the Year” etched in hand-painted gold relief. For an additional touch of color and contrast, the rear of the cylinder features a thin gold band—another Friends of NRA edition exclusive.

And what better rifle to pair with this revolver than the Big Boy Brass rifle chambered for the same cartridges? The rifle features genuine American walnut furniture, a 20-inch blued steel octagon barrel, and a polished hardened brass receiver drilled and tapped for an optics base. A side loading gate aids in keeping the 10-round magazine topped off, and a removable inner magazine tube makes unloading safe and quick. Its sights are fully adjustable with a semi-buckhorn in the rear and a brass bead up front. This legendary piece of Americana is finished with a “Friends of NRA Gun of the Year” engraving prominently displayed on the buttstock.

“It is hard to impress a guy who has been around firearms for over four decades,” said Anthony Imperato, founder and CEO of Henry Repeating Arms. “However, the first time I saw this Henry Friends of NRA two-gun set come off our final assembly line, all I could say was ‘wow, wow, wow!’ And it’s the very first time we have paired a Henry revolver with one of our lever-actions. A magnificent addition to a firearms collection! Most importantly, Henry will continue to support the Friends of NRA’s dedicated efforts to secure the Second Amendment, promote our shooting sports traditions and advocate for firearms safety.”

“I want to thank Anthony Imperato and his committed staff for all the support they provide to The NRA Foundation,” stated Tyler Schropp, executive director of The NRA Foundation. “Henry’s reputation for engaging and enthusiastic support carries over into its 27-year relationship with Friends of NRA and The NRA Foundation. We are grateful to continue to partner with Henry and thrive on the impact they have on our fundraising.”

Like every Henry, the Friends of NRA 2024 matched set is proudly made in America, or not made at all.



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