Friends Of NRA Continue Charitable Fundraising Amid Pandemic Challenges

posted on November 26, 2020

Nationwide shutdowns from the pandemic in 2020 have challenged the Friends of NRA, a 100-percent grassroots fundraising effort benefitting the shooting sports, but organizers have found ways to keep the momentum going. 

“We are thrilled we can hold Friends of NRA events again,” said Sarah Engeset, Director of Volunteer Fundraising Administration. “Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and staff, we continue to raise critical funds for the NRA Foundation and the shooting sports programs throughout the country.”

Friends of NRA events are still being held both online and in person. One of the most important fundraising options, the sponsor program, is going especially strong right now. Sponsors benefit by receiving custom products from national corporate sponsors. A KA-BAR knife with Mark “Oz” Geist’s signature and ‘NRA’ printed on the blade has been an especially popular option lately. 

Women on Target, the NRA School Shield Program, the Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program and 4-H shooting sports clubs are just a few of the many local and national programs that benefit from the Friends of NRA’s fundraising efforts. Every program receiving funding is a way to keep our communities safe, promote the safe handling of firearms, introduce new gun owners to the sport and educate Americans about the importance of the Second Amendment. 

To find out more about the Friends of NRA events and sponsorship programs, go to


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