NRA Foundation Awards $6,000 to Bergman Shooting Sports

posted on July 18, 2018

The NRA Foundation presented two grants to Bergman Shooting Sports, in Arkansas, to help the business upgrade facilities.

Half of the combined $6,000 is to be used to make the trap range accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The range currently is not easily negotiated by people in wheelchairs.

The other $3,000 will go toward the purchase of a Browning BT99 12-ga. trap shotgun, clay targets and ammunition.

Bergman has had a trap team for nine years. The program teaches firearm safety, character development and leadership skills. The team has qualified for state competitions in three of the past four years.

The NRA Foundation is funded through donations raised at Friends of NRA events. It disburses the money on things that advance the shooting sports.


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