Friends of NRA Awards $18,000 in Grants in Arkansas

posted on August 29, 2018

If you’d like to play a role in efforts to keep the shooting sports alive and well in Arkansas for future generations, a chance is coming up for you to that Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Ash Flat Church of Christ Life Center. That’s when the Spring River Valley Friend of NRA group will be hold its annual dinner and auction, with tickets starting at $25.

The dinner-auction is one of the Friends of NRA’s biggest fundraising events, and proceeds go directly into local programs that promote gun safety and shooting sports. If you’ve never been to a Friends of NRA event, it provides a couple of hours of fellowship and fun. Attendees can plan on getting a dinner, but that’s only a small part. There are also games, raffles and auctions of guns and gun-related gear. Guns and hunting trips are usually among the items you can bid on.

Last year, the Spring River Valley group donated more than $3,000 in grants to the Highland Trap Shooting Team, the Cave City Sharpshooters and the Salem Trap Shooting Team. Other groups—including the Lawrence County 4-H, Izard County 4-H and Cleburne County Shooting Sports Inc.—received lesser amounts, but all of the grants added up to more than $18,000 to preserve our firearms freedom.

The organization focuses on supporting American youth in shooting sports and hunting heritage, as well as teaching on and protecting the Second Amendment to future generations. One hundred percent of the funds are used for the Youth Hunter Education Challenge program, Youth Shooting Sports, Women’s Defense Programs, Eddie Eagle Gunsafe program, Range Construction, the NRA School Shield program and more for schools each year.

To make a donation, get involved, or attend the event, call (870) 613-0710 or (815) 988-6568.

Of course, Friends of NRA are not restricted to Arkansas. If you’d like to attend a Friends of NRA banquet and auction elsewhere across the country, go here to find one near you.


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