Friends Of NRA Gun Of The Year: Springfield Armory SA-35

posted on February 7, 2023
Springfield Armory SA-35
Photo: NRA

The 2023 Friends of NRA Gun of the Year is a Springfield Armory SA-35 with a unique NRA stock design. This 9 mm semi-automatic pistol is based on one of the most prolific and popular pistols in small arms history, but gives today’s shooters a modern take on the revered design, with rugged, forged, blued carbon-steel parts for strength and durability. This pistol has improved ergonomics and enhanced controls, modern white-dot front sights, an improved feed-ramp design, and an increased capacity of 15 rounds. Configured without a magazine disconnect for a drop-free magazine, the SA-35 features a factory-tuned trigger with a quick reset and a crisp, clean break and a 4.7-inch barrel. The slides of the Springfield Armory SA-35 have been polished by Baron’s Engraving to a bright, brush-blued finish and are enhanced with a 24-carat gold-scroll design that features the Friends of NRA Logo and the words, “National Rifle Association 2023 Gun of the Year.” 

This SA-35 with Friends of NRA Hogue walnut stocks is exclusive to Friends of NRA events and limited to 675 units.

“Springfield Armory is an incredible industry partner, and we are proud to feature the SA-35 9 mm as the Friends of NRA Gun of the Year,” said Tyler Schropp, Executive Director, Office of Advancement. “The Standard Merchandise Package is an important and beloved component of Friends events across the country, and our attendees will be excited at the opportunity to own this limited-edition, custom SA-35.”

Friends of NRA is the fundraising arm of The NRA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that raises tax-deductible contributions in support of firearm-related public- interest activities of the NRA and organizations that defend and foster the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Americans. The NRA Foundation provides grants to fund activities and support programs in the United States that promote firearms and hunting safety, enhance marksmanship skills and educate the public about firearms in their historic, technological and artistic context. These grants benefit youth, hunters, competitive shooters, women, people with physical disabilities, gun collectors, law enforcement officers and many more.



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