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posted on February 13, 2023
Lee Brice
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Lee Brice is an NRA Country alumnus, singer, songwriter and trailblazer. At the beginning of 2010, Lee offered an alternative sound to the frequent party anthems of country music. Certainly, Lee isn’t adverse to good times, as he details in his hit “Parking Lot Party,” but he specializes in heart-on-your-sleeve ballads like “I Drive Your Truck” and “I Don’t Dance,” showcasing his weathered voice. Growing up as a native of South Carolina, Lee not only learned to sing, but to hunt and fish. He told us he’ll hunt or fish for whitetail, quail, turkey, ducks, catfish, largemouth bass, bluegill and anything else tasty he can cook up. When not on the road, he makes sure that he is outdoors with his family as much as possible. Lee is not only an outdoorsman, but also a Patriot. His unyielding support of the military, through his participation with Folds of Honor, is staggering. He is a true American who embodies what NRA Country is—not just a name, but also a lifestyle. NRA Country’s Lisa Supernaugh caught up with him to ask a few questions, but if you would like to find out more about Lee Brice, including his music and tour schedule, check him out at leebrice.com—you won’t be disappointed! 

LS: Tell us about your first hunting experience. How old were you and who was it with?
LB: Hunting with my daddy on Saturdays was a huge part of my life growing up in South Carolina. We were able to run dogs, so being in the truck with him all day and hearing the dogs and deer run is one of my favorite memories.

LS: Do you have a favorite firearm?
LB: My favorite firearm is my granddaddy’s .22 pump Winchester; it’s so old. When I was growing up, he would let me shoot squirrels with it. 

LS: Tell us about the most exciting hunting trip you have been on.
LB: My first elk hunting trip in Colorado was probably the most crazy and rewarding hunt. I was hunting him with a bow and stalking him for hours. It lasted a couple of days before I got him.

LS: You are a true leader when it comes to recognizing and assisting our military, law enforcement and first responders. How did you get involved?
LB: It has always been in my heart and ingrained by my parents to support our military and first responders. When I was able to have a platform to create awareness, I wanted to make sure I showed my appreciation for all they do for this country. Being a part of Folds of Honor definitely brought me closer to what our military men and women have done and continue to do so we can enjoy our freedom.

LS: What does Freedom mean to you?
LB: Freedom to me means a lot of things, but one of the biggest things are the folks that take care of us every day so that we don’t have to think about all the bad stuff that’s going on around the world. We live in the greatest country in the world because of so many courageous men and women!

LS: When it comes to passing down the tradition and love of the outdoors, what is your favorite thing to do with your family?
LB: We love fishing and hunting when I’m at home—love being outdoors with them on the farm and just spending time with my wife, Sara, and the kids. I’m so thankful that they can grow up like I did. There are so many life lessons that you can learn being outdoors, and I love to pass that down to them.

NRA Country is a lifestyle and a bond between the country music community and hard-working Americans everywhere. It’s powered by pride, freedom, love of country, respect for the military and the responsibilities of protecting the great American life. For more information visit nracountry.com, follow us on Facebook facebook.com/nracountryTwitter @NRACountry, and NRA_Country on Instagram.


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