Nebraska Governor Would Consider “Stand Your Ground” Law

posted on December 13, 2018

While politicians in other states—even some that have traditionally been strong supporters of Second Amendment rights—tend to be caving in to the fear-mongering that the anti-gunners have been spouting off, Nebraska is one that apparently remains committed to gun rights. That assessment comes as Gov. Pete Ricketts, on a monthly call-in show, replied to one constituent, “I’d be willing to work with any senator looking to protect your Second Amendment rights,” specifically with regard to enacting “stand your ground” legislation.

The caller said he had recently been victimized during a home invasion. Because current state law dictates that a person must retreat before attempting to use any kind of deadly force, the man complained that state law tends to favor the criminal.

Regarding the consideration of a “stand your ground” law, wherein a person in a home would have the right to defend themselves without retreating, Ricketts said, "I would always err on the side of protecting the public safety."

The Nebraska Legislature last considered the possibility of such a change in 2015, but gun control activists persuaded state lawmakers that no “stand your ground” law was necessary.

The argument the anti-gunners use is fallacious, of course. They wring their hands and say that “stand your ground” laws essentially give people the right to shoot, even if they are not in imminent danger. That is not the intent of the law, which still requires that an armed citizen have a reasonable expectation that they or someone else faces serious injury or death at the hands of an intruder.

It’s nice to see one state executive standing up to the anti-gunners.



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