New Dana Loesch Commentaries On NRA News

posted on June 7, 2016

Fans of Dana Loesch and her fiery, take-no-prisoners approach will find much to love in these new videos, now available on NRA News. With new installments in the “Commentators” series, Dana puts to rest plenty of anti-gun idiocy. 

In “Fairy Tales,” Dana addresses the controversy over two rewritten fairy tales featured on NRA Family that explored what might have happened if the protagonists had been equipped with firearms. She particularly calls out the Brady Campaign for two sick response videos that advertised unsafe gun storage and crossed the line into “kiddie snuff” territory—ads that she says are “… precisely why I hope no one in those organizations owns a firearm.”

We’re Not Laughing, Ms. Bee” tackles the former “Daily Show” correspondent’s hit piece on the NRA that attempted to prove a point by showing that the Eddie Eagle costume is more difficult to acquire than a firearm. “Bee believes that firearms are regulated the exact same way as intellectual property,” she concludes. “So, because the NRA doesn’t sell the Eddie Eagle trademark, it means that we have bad gun laws!” 

Finally, “Gun Control Didn’t Work … Again” takes aim at California politicians who are pushing even stricter gun control under the claim that it will prevent terrorist attacks like the one in San Bernardino. “The transfer was already banned; did it stop Marquez (the alleged straw purchaser) from giving it to two terrorists?” she asks. “No. Murder is also illegal; did it stop the terrorists from murdering innocents? No.” 

Dana Loesch has consistently spoken out in defense of Second Amendment freedoms with a fearless voice. Don’t miss her newest contributions to the good fight, and stay tuned for more soon!


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