NOIR: Season 4 Episode 3

posted on October 13, 2015

The newest episode of NOIR takes us from a frightening (but funny) vision of the future to the exciting world of 3-gun, with plenty of hard-hitting dialogue along the way—Colion talks Department of Justice phone calls with Richard Ryan of FullMag Studios and delves into New Zealand’s gun regulations. We took a look at the episode and asked him a few questions that were on our minds. 

A1F Daily: You have a new, “distinguished” look in the intro to this episode. Did this translate into extra time in makeup before shoots?

Colion Noir: I think distinguished is a bit of an overstatement. I like to say, a little polished. I don’t spend any time in makeup unless a particular sketch calls for it, but that’s only happened once this season—and let’s just say it was a lot of makeup. 

A1F: How did your debate over beers with David (about guns in New Zealand versus guns in the U.S.) come about?

CN: Ironically, my debate with David resulted from a conversation he and I began having over pizza during a test shoot. We just started talking guns and we disagreed about quite a bit but agreed on some. We have a mutual respect for each other’s opinions, and no fear stating our positions while still being friendly. Several more conversations followed that first one, and I quickly realized he needed to be on the show. So we met up for drinks and recorded it. 

A1F: You have more of a focus on 3-gun in this episode. Do you have any recommendations for readers looking to break into the sport—say, decent shooters without much competitive experience?​

CN: YouTube is an underappreciated resource for learning about 3-gun. There are tons of videos providing information for beginners. 3-gun can become a money pit if you let it, so start with what you have and work your way up over time. A quick Google search can also show you local matches in your area.  

Episode 3 is available online over at NRA News. Watch it in its entirety here.


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