Scotland: Where Nightmares Are Reality

posted on March 16, 2016

On his beloved series “NOIR,” NRA Commentator Colion Noir once featured a tongue-in-cheek glimpse at a hypothetical future in which the anti-gunners accomplished all of their aims. Under the close and intrusive supervision of a range safety officer, a salt-and-pepper-haired Colion let loose with a highly regulated airgun. 

Well, it appears that this dystopian future is now, at least if you live in Scotland. The government is now requiring registration of all airguns, apparently reasoning that just looking like a real firearm is cause for stringent regulation. If you have an airgun, you have six months to get it on a government list—or face up to two years in prison. 

Colion says that this case proves his point of what the anti-gunners hope to accomplish by continually adding small measures of gun control. “They’re playing chess by slowly and methodically making this place gun-free, limiting this magazine, banning this ammo, extending background checks just a bit.” 

Revisiting the history of the United Kingdom’s gun-control regime, he lays out each moment when significant rights were taken away. Now government overreach even applies to what he calls “… a glorified BB gun.” 

Colion reminds us that President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have both praised the UK for its thorough and invasive program of gun control and confiscation. With the failure of an outright ban on semi-automatic firearms, now anti-gun American politicians are trying to move the country toward British-style confiscation one tiny step at a time. 

“They’re trying to do the same thing here that they did in the UK. The only problem is, we have this thing called the Second Amendment …” 

This video is available, along with a complete transcript, here.



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