Newspaper Pushes for Restrictions on Using Cards to Buy Guns

posted on December 30, 2018
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Remember the attempted Shoe Bomber, who had explosives in his shoes and was planning to blow up a plane? Now, we are all paying for his asininity every time we try to take a plane somewhere.
The same tactic is being applied to firearm purchases. It seems the geniuses at The New York Times have discovered that many criminals used credit cards to buy their guns. So the brilliant answer to the problem is simple: let’s get credit card companies to monitor everyone’s purchases and block them from buying guns.
Can we get any closer to the Big Brother scenario that George Orwell foresaw?
It’s a rather insidious way to keep people from buying guns, isn’t it? Really, as America has come to discourage the concept of cash transactions, most people probably buy guns on a card. By blocking that, what option is left?
We could point out the obvious and say that armed citizens who have stopped criminal acts probably bought their guns with credit cards, too. But that wouldn’t matter to the people who want to take away our freedom.
We could also mention that if you let banks block one class of purchases, others will follow. But the gun control crowd with say, “As long as it’s for the common good. …”
This would definitely fall outside the parameters of fiduciary responsibility. But the liberals have been know to stop at nothing when it comes to trying to get their way.


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