#NotMeSD Launched for Women Gun Owners in California

posted on April 10, 2019

Female gun owners in San Diego County are ready to help other women find their strength and resources to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

 Dozens of women have come together to create the #NotMeSD, an initiative “to provide education, firearms training and personal assistance in obtaining a California CCW (Permit to carry a firearm) if desired.

 The initiative was launched in late March by the San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO). The group is a political action organization that works to expand and restore the Second Amendment rights of Californians in San Diego County.

 The #NotMeSD initiative uses a three-step approach for women who are considering owning a gun. The SDCGO offers women:

  • Free advice from fellow female gun owners,
  • Referrals to gun shops for discounts,
  • Help for new owners when completing paperwork, and applying for a concealed carry weapon permit.

 Jill Barto, a member of the organization, found a strong support group in SDCGO as a woman and supporter of the Second Amendment.

“We will stand beside you, we will help you, and if you want to look at owning a gun or just coming out shooting at the range to just feel some empowerment, we’re willing to stand right next to you and say how can we help?” she said.

 Regarding women interested in finding out more information, Barto said, “It doesn’t mean they’re going to buy a gun, it doesn’t mean they’re going [sic] be CCW holders, but that’s their choice, and we’re here to support them on their choice.”


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