NRA-ILA Announces 2017 Law Symposium

posted on October 14, 2017

Whether you’re an attorney or just an everyday gun owner, understanding the ins and outs of law pertaining to firearms is essential—especially if you live in a state with strict gun regulations. The NRA Institute for Legislative Action is providing the perfect opportunity for you to beef up your education this year with the Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium.

Set for Nov. 11 in San Diego, Calif., this event will feature top Second Amendment attorneys explaining the latest developments in firearms law, along with practical everyday concerns. Attendees will receive written reference materials from all of the speakers and panelists, who are listed on this agenda, plus the experience may meet state requirements for continuing legal education for attorneys.

And the best part? The entire event, along with food and drinks, is free! You do need to RSVP, however, so don’t waste any time signing up here. We hope to see you in San Diego.


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