NRA Instructor Speaks Out About Gun-Control Politics and Ukraine

posted on March 11, 2022
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courtesy the NSSF

If there’s anything that illustrates how badly President Joe Biden (D) completely misunderstands the concept of basic freedom, it is his recent call for an “assault weapons” ban in the midst of Ukrainian citizens being handed tens of thousands of actual assault rifles as they fight for their lives against the Russian army.

At the same time Ukraine officials were rolling back gun-control laws, distributing rifles to citizens and trying to teach them how to properly use them against invaders, Biden, in his State of the Union address, made yet another call for a law that would ban ownership by American citizens of commonly owned semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns, as well as standard capacity magazines.

“I ask Congress to pass proven measures to reduce gun violence,” Biden said during the recent address. “Pass universal background checks. Why should anyone on a terrorist list be able to purchase a weapon? Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

As if those old, tired proposals weren’t enough, Biden apparently felt like he had to give a reason for passing new laws.

“You think the deer are wearing a Kevlar vest?” he quipped.

Illinois firearms trainer Doug Williams, past NRA instructor of the year and an NRA Top 10 instructor recruiter, says it’s unfortunate that so many Ukrainian citizens were ill prepared to immediately take up arms in defense of their country.

“If you can get ahead of the game, it means everything. You need a fire extinguisher because you have a fire. You need to know how to pull the pin on the fire extinguisher if you have a fire. I hope I never have a fire, but I have a fire extinguisher right where I need it,” said Williams.

“That’s how we talk about it in class. I have a lot of firearms, and not one of them has ever been used as a weapon. But should one of them ever need to be used as such, I certainly hope and pray people know how to use it in defense. You can only put a fire out once it has started,” said Williams. “Once it starts, you’ve got to be able to extinguish it. If you don’t have the tools to extinguish it, you’re going to lose.”

In that respect, Williams said it is absolutely critical that American gun owners learn how to use their firearms properly.

“You want to be proactive and not reactive, have some storage and knowledge, have some ammo and a rifle quickly at hand,” he said. “The whole definition of a minuteman was to be ready to go in one minute.”

Williams believes the fact that Biden and other gun-ban politicians continue to call for an “assault weapons” ban is that they simply desire to control all parts of our lives.

“They want you to rely on them because they want control,” said Williams. 

Williams said the situation in Ukraine once again highlights how important our fundamental rights are, and how hard we must fight to keep them.

“Rights should never be given away,” Williams said. “You just can’t allow that to happen. You’ve got to go vote. Do not give up any of your rights. Vote for people who will abide by the Constitution and who know their history.”  

To that point, Williams said there is power in numbers, so being a member of the NRA is critically important to protecting our rights—and our country’s future.

“Join the NRA, join your state chapter, join your local chapter and make sure that you vote in November.”



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