NRA National Matches Recap

posted on June 11, 2023
shooter at competition
Photo: John Parker

Our new 2022 NRA National Matches special-edition digital magazine chronicles all of the excitement from last summer’s competitions at Camp Atterbury, including extended coverage of the NRA High Power Rifle, Precision Pistol and Smallbore Rifle National Championships. Best of all, you can view the 2022 NRA National Matches special edition online for free via Nxtbook, just like the Shooting Sports USA digital magazine.

The 2022 NRA National Matches digital recap begins with the opening-day festivities, including coverage of the First Shot Ceremony with Indiana First Lady Janet Holcomb, also featuring match reports from the three different phases of the NRA National Matches. Plus, there is a bonus match report from the 2022 Pershing International Trophy Match, where you can learn more details about the United States smallbore rifle team’s historic victory over Great Britain last summer at Camp Atterbury during the Smallbore Rifle Prone National Championships.

Head to this link to read the 2022 NRA National Matches at Camp Atterbury digital recap for free:

NRA Championship Registration
Online registration for the 2023 NRA National Matches, including the National Championships for High Power Rifle, Precision Pistol and Smallbore Rifle, is open now at For a smooth experience, we recommend creating a profile on the Competitive Shooting Web Portal prior to beginning the registration process. Fired on the first-class ranges at Camp Atterbury, Ind., the 2023 NRA National Matches are scheduled for Saturday, July 8, through Sunday, Aug. 6. See the full calendar for this year’s championships at the NRA Competitive Shooting Division website.

For more than 150 years, the National Rifle Association of America has been dedicated to advancing marksmanship, as well as serving as the country’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights. The home of the NRA National Matches since 2021, Camp Atterbury is an active National Guard training facility that is located about 37 miles south of Indianapolis, near Edinburgh, Ind. The NRA National Matches at Camp Atterbury are where high-level competitive shooters from around the nation can shoot shoulder-to-shoulder, as well as celebrate their achievements on the firing line.

To find out more information regarding the NRA Competitive Shooting Division, please call (877) 672-6282 or email [email protected]. And for the latest updates regarding Camp Atterbury and the 2023 NRA National Matches, subscribe to the free Shooting Sports USA Insider newsletter at


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