Women Top Championship Leaderboards At Camp Atterbury

posted on November 20, 2023
Champion Kristin Yeaton, High Power Rifle Champion Amanda Elsenboss and High Power Mid-Range Champion Kimberly Rowe
Photos: John Parker, Cole McCulloch

NRA Smallbore 3-Position Champion Kristin Yeaton, High Power Rifle Champion Amanda Elsenboss and High Power Mid-Range Champion Kimberly Rowe pose with their awards.

This year at Camp Atterbury, Ind., during the NRA National Matches, three women captured the top titles at their respective championships. Amanda Elsenboss won the NRA National High Power Rifle Championship, Kimberly Rowe topped the High Power Mid-Range Championship leaderboard and Kristin Yeaton won the Smallbore Rifle 3-Position Championship.

All three of these National Championships form part of the NRA National Matches, which are held at Camp Atterbury and were concluded on Aug. 8, after the close of the NRA National Smallbore Prone Championships (and the awarding of the NRA Smallbore Lones Wigger Iron Man Trophy). Ruger was the presenting sponsor.

With a score of 2387-113X, Amanda Elsenboss of Woodbury, Conn., won the 2023 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship held July 8-14.

After the competition at the awards ceremony, Elsenboss was awarded a Mumma Trophy plaque, along with a gold-tone NRA National Championship medallion. Classified as a High Master, Elsenboss was competing in the Service-Service Rifle category. In addition, her score netted her the National Service Rifle Championship (also setting a national record), as well as the High Woman award. And, with a score of 796-40X, Elsenboss secured the Vandenberg Cup this year by a three-point margin over the runner-up, Hugo B. Adelson.

The 2023 NRA National High Power Rifle Mid-Range Championship was held July 16-21 and won by Kim Rowe of Wadsworth, Ohio, with a score of 2396-171X.

For her victory, Rowe received a Patriot Minuteman Championship plaque, a gold-tone National Championship Medallion and a $200 check from the NRA. Additionally, she was a member of the winning Mid-Range Prone Match team USNRT-Rowe with teammates Oliver Milanovic, Larry Sollars and Joseph Bakies, along with team captain and coach Charles Rowe. USNRT-Rowe fired a winning score of 2394-163X.

Kristin Yeaton of Augusta, Maine, is this year’s NRA National Smallbore Rifle 3-Position Champion. She walked away from the match at Camp Atterbury on July 29, with a score of 4418-139X. The five-day competition was held from July 25-29.

Not only did Yeaton capture the overall 3-Position title during the Smallbore Nationals at Camp Atterbury last week, but she also topped the Metric 3-Position Grand Aggregate leaderboard with a score of 2095-39X, as well as the National Smallbore Conventional 3-Position grand aggregate with 2323-100X. For the latter, Yeaton received a Frank Parson Bowl Trophy plaque and a $100 check from the NRA.

See the full results of the 2023 NRA National Matches at Camp Atterbury at competitions.nra.org.


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