President’s Column | The False Feminism Of The Left

at President, NRA posted on April 20, 2021
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There are a lot of misleading ideas pushed by the radical Left that raise my ire, but fake feminism may top them all. Politicians claim to want to “empower” women, but, looking past the rhetoric, it is clear their policies actually work to put women more at risk.

The feminist movement seeks to advocate for “political, economic, and social equality of the sexes,” according to the literal definition. It’s supposed to be “organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.” That all sounds good enough.

“A gun is a tool that allows women (not to mention elderly and disabled people) to defend themselves against aggressors who are usually physically larger and stronger.”

But when we look at the policies of the far Left, we can see that they are very much not in our interests as women. For example, we saw a big push in 2020 to release criminals—including violent criminals—from prison. Politicians actually bragged about this like it was some major achievement, but some women were subsequently victimized or re-victimized by those released prisoners. This was 100 percent predictable. But the so-called feminist Left was more concerned about these violent criminals’ welfare than the welfare of the women they might brutalize. On top of that, of course, they’ve worked to decrease the presence of law enforcement, so violent criminals are not even as likely to be caught or deterred. Even as mobs descended on some neighborhoods in 2020, extreme politicians continued trying to push their anti-gun narrative.

A gun is a tool that allows women (not to mention elderly and disabled people) to defend themselves against aggressors who are usually physically larger and stronger. It is truly the great equalizer. But anti-freedom politicians work every day toward disarming women—and unfortunately, in many places, they’ve succeeded. In many cities in America, most of which have long been under Democrat control, it’s very unlikely that a woman facing a threat can be armed against it. The net result? More female victims than ever, especially for women in more-vulnerable social and economic situations.

But the far Left wants to pretend that violent criminals are not the problem. Instead, you—a law-abiding person who merely wants to protect yourself and your family—are the problem. And their “solution” is for you to be a sitting duck.

That doesn’t sound like empowerment to me. That doesn’t sound like promoting “women’s rights and interests,” either. Yet the Leftists claim to be more feminist than anyone. And in their world, it’s true simply because they say it is.

But the truly empowered women are the ones I know. They’re the women who refuse to be victims, or to be victims again if they’ve unfortunately already been through that trauma. They’re the millions of women who purchased a gun last year. They’re the ones who took a firearm safety class with their friends and neighbors. These women face reality and won’t accept “might makes right.” They’re the women who decide to really take control of their own lives, to choose their own outcomes. Yes, they could still be victims of violent crime—it can happen to anyone, unfortunately—but these ladies won’t give up without a real fight. The women I know and admire, who choose to defend themselves and their families, with their heads held high—they are the real feminists in this world. I’ll choose the real deal over the rhetoric any day.

I’m gratified that you’ll find these empowered women everywhere you look at NRA events all over the country. You’ll find them plinking at the range, competing, hunting and teaching others. You’ll definitely find them at Women on Target Instructional Shooting Clinics, Refuse To Be A Victim seminars, the Women’s Wilderness Escape and the Women’s Leadership Forum. And, of course, you’ll find them at, our newest way to connect with each other. It’s my hope that as more women learn about firearms, they’ll reach out to other female friends and family members who want to learn to protect themselves and their loved ones. I hope to see all women recognize that true empowerment has nothing to do with giving up our freedoms. And remember, the NRA is, and always will be, Freedom’s Safest Place.



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