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at President, NRA posted on February 23, 2021
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Over my lifetime, I have been asked about my grassroots beginnings in politics and in defense of the Second Amendment. Most of the people asking were, in fact, wanting to find out how they could get involved. My life’s story proves that anyone can make a difference in protecting our rights. The disappointing results of the 2020 presidential election are evidence that it is more important than ever to be politically involved. Non-presidential election years are good times to build a foundation for future elections.

Since grade school I’ve been involved in politics and advocacy. I was fortunate to be raised in a family where understanding firearms and our unique form of government were important. We were taught to especially pay attention to local politics since it has the most immediate impact. I encourage you, if you are a parent, to teach your children (and grandchildren) to know about the importance of our Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, and the founding of America.

There are many notable figures in our nation’s history, but one not so well-known is Sybil Ludington—a heroine of the American Revolutionary War. At age sixteen, she made an all-night horseback ride to alert militia forces of approaching British forces. Several years ago I was humbled to receive the NRA Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom award for service to country. This award symbolizes to me the same effort we must still put forth to save our country and our Second Amendment. We all must be willing to work around the clock if we are called upon to save our cherished rights.

And this calling can present itself in many forms. As a young adult, I worked at the polls and later served as a poll manager for several years. Being a poll watcher today is so important and a great way to become familiar with the electoral process. Supporting your local candidates is always a good place to start. Make sure they understand and support the Second Amendment, then help them win their races.

We need to hold the line on our Second Amendment, and you, the grassroots, can make the difference.

Others may be moved to run for political office themselves. We just saw two examples of regular, everyday conservatives who decided to stand up to the far-left agenda and WIN. Mark Robinson got fed up with the continuing incursions against his Second Amendment rights and is now the lieutenant governor of North Carolina. In less than three years, Robinson went from delivering a passionate, viral speech on firearms freedom in front of the Greensboro City Council to serving as the second-highest elected official in the Tar Heel state. Then there is Lauren Boebert, a restaurant owner who stood up to Beto O’Rourke’s extreme anti-gun agenda at a town hall meeting during his failed bid for the Democrat nomination for president. Earlier this year, she was sworn in to represent Colorado’s third district in Congress. I’m sure if you would have asked either of them a few years ago what they saw themselves doing in 2021, they wouldn’t have foreseen this. But they stood for what they and all NRA members believe in. And now they both hold positions where they can help protect our rights.

Your NRA Institute for Legislative Action makes it easy for you to get involved. Just go to to find out about registering to vote (and helping others to register), writing your lawmakers, donating time or money, connecting with like-minded community leaders and so much more. Be sure to sign up for alerts while you’re on that site to stay informed of politicians and gun-control activists who threaten our rights. And talk to your family and friends to make sure they understand what’s at stake. Are they registered to vote? Do they know their local candidates’ stance on the Second Amendment? If they aren’t current NRA members, encourage them to join, or purchase a membership for them as a gift. Then they will receive an NRA magazine to help them stay informed.

Does all of this make a difference? Oh, yes, it does! There’s a reason so many candidates try very hard to get an NRA endorsement—they know millions of NRA members are paying attention, and they vote.

Now that the presidential election is over, we must NOT turn our attention away from politics. The gun-grabbing opposition is counting on just that. Stay active and stay involved. We need to hold the line on our Second Amendment, and you, the grassroots, can make the difference. In the spirit of Sybil Ludington, we must stay focused on our cause of freedom. Remember, we still have a country to save.



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