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posted on April 14, 2021

This 30-minute interview with Rep. Burgess Owens begins a new video department for the NRA’s Instead of just bringing you their ideas, opinions and stories in print, we will now bring you long-format video interviews with today’s most-insightful individuals with regards to our Second Amendment rights.

If you’re an NFL fan, you likely remember Owens. He played safety for the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. He won a Super Bowl Champion ring with the Raiders. He is now a freshman member of the U.S. Congress representing Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

He did a print interview with us a few months back, but we thought you should hear his voice and see him for yourself, as he is an individual with an important perspective and well-earned respect for American freedom.

Burgess’ experience with this freedom began when he was a child. He remembers his grandfather telling him that, in the 1920s, members of the Ku Klux Klan had threatened his grandfather and his grandfather’s family. Burgess explained that, as his grandfather had the right to bear arms, when these evil Klan members stepped off the running boards of their Model Ts, they heard the distinctive sound of multiple pump-action shotguns, bolt-action rifles and other guns being loaded and readied for action. The bad guys turned tail and ran. When evil comes to the door, free people protect themselves with the Second Amendment, says Owens.

In the U.S. Congress, he has already boldly stood up for this American freedom. You’ll hear that story in this video.



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