The Politically Incorrect Truth About America’s Rifle

posted on February 4, 2023

Attorney Stephen P. Halbrook is a senior fellow with the Independent Institute and has argued Second Amendment cases at the highest live. He has written many books, including The Right to Bear Arms: A Constitutional Right of the People or a Privilege of the Ruling Class? A lifetime of work led him to write his most-recent book, titled America’s Rifle: The Case for the AR-15.

The book covers the details of the “assault-weapons” debate in the historical context of how the right to keep and bear arms evolved over time. It also digs deep into the current explosion in numbers of gun owners and the impact the Bruen decision is having and will have. While tyrants will always seek to disarm the people to dictate to them, the pendulum is currently swinging against them, thanks, in no small part, to your support of the NRA.

Halbrook has been a leading figure in the courts throughout the fight to defend the right to keep and bear arms. 

"The Second Amendment doesn't just protect arms that were in existence at the founding," says Halbrook to America's 1st Freedom Editor in Chief Frank Miniter as he breaks down the politically incorrect truth about America's rifle.


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