Stacey Abrams Supports AR-15 Ban

posted on November 1, 2018

Residents of Georgia, take note. Stacey Abrams has come out and said we need another ban on “assault weapons.” Of course, she prefaced that by saying she is not ant-Second Amendment. So forgive me if I don't see her statements at contradictory.

Taking it even further, it's worth noticing that she stopped shy of saying she was all for confiscation. But don’t that to mean she won’t fight for that. See, anti-gunners are known for playing their cards close to their vest. As a matter of trend this year, many liberals have tried to hide their opinions about guns while they’ve been on the campaign trail because they know it will cost votes. Indeed, Project Veritas has exposed several candidates whose teams knowingly deceive voters in that regard.

So here’s the thing, if Abrams is bold enough to tell television audiences that “I do not believe like weapons of mass destruction like the AR-15 belong in civilian hands,” can we really trust that she won’t try to round up the ones that people already own?

The fact that she skirted the issue when she was asked outright if she’d confiscate them might be more telling than any answer she could have given.

When you go to the polls Tuesday, be sure to vote for candidates who don’t have a record of deception when it comes to safeguarding the Second Amendment.


Doug Hamlin, Executive Vice President & CEO
Doug Hamlin, Executive Vice President & CEO

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