Standing Guard | America Herself Is At Stake In Next Year’s Election

posted on October 24, 2023
Wayne LaPierre

“You used to not have to worry about crime unless you were associated with the streets, with drug dealing. Now you could just be going down the street, going to the car and you can be killed.

“People don’t care. They rob them in Georgetown and Connecticut Avenue. They’re going to the Wharf. Now, it could be anywhere.”

That’s what Ronald Moten, a longtime resident of Washington, D.C., recently told The Washington Post. His voice was one of many who’ve made the same, unmistakable observation. And they aren’t wrong. Homicide in our nation’s capital is up 29% this year. Robberies are up 67%. Residents who live in traditionally safe areas of the city now fear for their wellbeing just walking outside their apartments and homes.

Of course, it isn’t just Washington, D.C. Crime rates are soaring in cities and towns nationwide.

But the rampant crime wave that is ravaging our country is not the disease—it’s a symptom of a much deeper sickness that the radical, anti-gun left is intentionally trying to inflict on our nation.

Their sole intent is to tear down our justice system and weaken the institutions that hold America together, so they can then impose their own warped ideology on all of us. In their ideology, we would have an America where crime is to be understood, but not punished. An America where violent criminals have guns, but the innocent are disarmed.

An America where we’re not allowed to speak our minds for fear of being censored, canceled and, ultimately, targeted by a weaponized “justice” system. An America where religious institutions are barred from holding views or values that differ from the radical left’s agenda. An America where so-called progressive political ideas are not up for debate, but rather, imposed from the top down without any scrutiny or discussion.

What we’re witnessing in rising crime rates is the natural byproduct of the destruction and rot that has taken place in America from within. The anti-freedom left doesn’t believe in civil discourse. If you own a gun or support the Second Amendment, you’re a monster, they say. They don’t believe in honest debate. They ignore facts. They are willing to use any tactic to lie, cheat and slander anyone who gets in their way. They’ll even pervert our justice system to achieve their political aims.

Just think about how they even define the term “justice.” “Justice” to them means letting violent criminals run free. “Justice” to them means stopping law-abiding citizens like us from owning and carrying firearms. They don’t weep for the innocent, disarmed mom in the city who can’t defend herself or her family when a thug breaks down the door. They weep for the thug when he’s denied bail.

Crime isn’t the failure of our criminal-justice system—it’s the complete abandonment of any form of criminal justice by the radical, gun-hating left.

The left has spent every hour of every day for years trying to divide America into fragments. They breed hatred, jealousy and contempt among Americans. Our beloved nation will dissolve into history and cease to exist as we know it unless good people stand and fight for the time-honored, sensible and sane values that make America free, safe
and prosperous.

Make no mistake: Our fight is now. The battleground is this election campaign. And our opponent is Joe Biden, the radical left’s ringleader.

You and I both know that no single organization has a better chance to turn the tide toward freedom and justice than our NRA. Our firearm freedoms are the benchmark for every other freedom in the Constitution. The pro-Second Amendment candidates we’ve supported over the years have not only stood tall for our gun rights, but also our free speech, our religious freedom, law and order and the constitutional values that built our nation.

Too many people believe that America is so big, so strong, so powerful and so enduring that it will last forever. But you and I know the lessons of history. We know massive civilizations have risen and fallen since the dawn of humankind.

America could last another thousand years or could be gone—at least as we know it—within our lifetimes. And every lesson that history teaches points to an America that’s on the brink.

As NRA members, you and I have a role to play like we’ve never played before. We’ve won countless elections from the statehouse to the White House, but everything we’ve accomplished together over the last 40 years has all led up to this critical moment.

It’s time to rise up, fight together, save our nation and steer America back on track.



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