Standing Guard | Soros’ Pro-Criminal DAs

posted on July 19, 2022
Wayne LaPierre

When President Joe Biden campaigned on the promise to enact pro-criminal policies like no-cash bail, George Soros, a gun-hating, soft-on-crime extremist, saw a major opportunity. On the coattails of the Biden campaign, Soros went to work successfully funding the election of dozens of radical district attorneys across the country.

There are now 75 Soros-backed DAs overseeing half of America’s 50 most-populous cities. They represent an astounding one-in-five Americans, and their jurisdictions account for more than 40% of our nation’s murders.

In a short time, they’ve transformed our major cities into war zones, where criminals are allowed to run free, and innocent men, women and children are made to cower in fear.

Los Angeles
For example, when Soros-backed, Los Angeles DA George Gascón took office in 2020, he immediately made radical, pro-criminal changes to prosecution rules, getting rid of sentence enhancements for violent gangs and criminals who commit crimes with guns.

The murder rate in LA is up more than 50% since 2019, the year before Gascón took office. Violent robberies are up 60%. Deputy DA, Shea Sanna, recently slammed his boss to the media, calling Gascón the criminals’ “champ” and saying his policies are making it impossible for the DA’s office to do its job.

“As soon as we catch a perpetrator, we have to release him,” said Sanna.

For example, a 17-year-old criminal accelerated in his car and intentionally tried to run over a mother walking her child in a stroller. Gascón chose to sentence this attempted murderer to merely five-to-seven months in a soft probationary camp. A 26-year-old male, who “identifies” as a female, sexually assaulted a young girl in the women’s restroom at a restaurant; Gascón tried the assailant as a juvenile, despite his being 26 years old and being convicted just a year ago for sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl. 

Violent gang members and felons are celebrating Gascón. One such thug, Luis Angel Hernandez, who murdered a delivery driver, bragged that, thanks to Gascón, his lawyer has informed him he’d be out of prison soon. In a leaked call from prison obtained by Fox News, Hernandez said: “He’s making historic changes for all of us,” as he vowed to get Gascón’s name tattooed on his face to show his support.

New York City
Over in New York City, where violent crime is up over 40% more than 2021, Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is the criminals’ champion. Upon taking office in 2020, Bragg immediately went to work unilaterally decriminalizing … well … crime. He announced his office would not prosecute everything from drug possession, trespassing, minor theft, prostitution or even resisting arrest. 

Just one example of Bragg’s pro-criminal reign of terror: Tyrell Rodgers. Rodgers, a career criminal, held his estranged girlfriend at gunpoint, threatening to kill her and then robbed her. The detectives’ office requested that Bragg issue a warrant to go after Rodgers and confiscate his illegally owned firearm. Bragg refused to issue the warrant. Just one month after he attacked his girlfriend, Rodgers killed a man with the same gun.

“Why didn’t DA Bragg’s office act?” Detectives’ Endowment Association President Paul DiGiacomo asked. “Why did another New Yorker have to die?”

For his part, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has seen enough. “No one takes criminal justice seriously anymore,” Adams said. “These bad guys believe our criminal justice system is a laughingstock of our entire country … We have to get serious about this because innocent people are dying.”

San Francisco
In a shocking move, the citizens of San Francisco voted overwhelmly to recall Soros-backed DA Chesa Boudin. In a little over two years in office, Boudin’s policies have all but completely destroyed life in the Golden City.

Just one example of many: Troy McAlister. A lifelong, repeat offender, McAlister in 2020 was awaiting trial on a robbery charge, which would have put him in prison for life under California’s three-strikes law. However, Boudin directed prosecutors not to pursue three-strikes cases, so McAlister was given credit for time served and was immediately released.Predictably, McAlister got busted on drug and robbery charges in just a few short months—but still, Boudin refused to prosecute him. Later that year, McAlister struck and killed a man and woman while he was fleeing a robbery with a stolen car and a stolen gun.

Make no mistake, these reprehensible DAs are nothing more than foot soldiers for their high-ranking counterparts in Washington, D.C. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and others give them the political cover and outright encouragement to carry out their insanely dangerous and deadly pro-criminal agenda. These same politicians and DAs working overtime to ensure criminals never face justice are scheming new ways to restrict our Second Amendment right to self-defense.

As NRA members, it is up to us to vote every pro-criminal, anti-gun representative and senator out of office this November. Not only for the sake of our freedom, but for our nation’s survival.


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