The Armed Citizen® December 23, 2022

posted on December 23, 2022
The Armed Citizen

A man was at home with his family in Las Vegas, Nev., the morning of Oct. 27, 2022, when he woke to a “loud, breaking sound” and saw his wife barricading their bedroom door and telling him to call the police. The man helped barricade the door and retrieved his firearm from a safe. Outside the door was a shirtless stranger armed with a knife. The homeowner reportedly yelled out that he had a gun and heard the intruder yell “pistola,” the Spanish word for pistol, even as he continued trying to break open their bedroom door. The strange man also said, “Come out, come out, you are running out of time. There are bombs all over the house.” The homeowner fired two shots, one of which struck the intruder in the left leg. Police arrived shortly afterward, took the intruder to the hospital and charged him with burglary with a deadly weapon. (Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas, Nev., 10/27/2022)

Two drivers in Wichita, Kansas, got into a road-rage incident the evening of Oct. 14, 2022. The drivers were stopped at a red light when the leading vehicle’s driver, a 19-year-old man, reversed into the other vehicle. Both drivers got out and a struggle ensued. The 19-year-old allegedly then brandished a knife, which a passing armed citizen witnessed. The passerby stopped, drew his firearm, and held the young man at gunpoint until police arrived. Police were still investigating the incident. (The Wichita Eagle, Wichita, Kan.,10/15/2022)


U.S. Capitol building
U.S. Capitol building

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