The Armed Citizen® October 21, 2022

posted on October 21, 2022
The Armed Citizen

A mother in Milwaukee, Wis., was showering the morning of Aug. 15 when she heard her children—a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old—start screaming. She raced to her bedroom for her gun and ran, dripping wet, into the hallway to find a male intruder there. Her two dogs had attacked the man, but “he wouldn’t stop coming,” she told reporters, so she shot him multiple times, killing him. The woman was arrested but released a few hours later, though the investigation is still ongoing. Neighbors lauded her as a hero, with one neighbor noting that “she did what any mother would do: defend her children.” (, Milwaukee, Wis., 8/17/2022)

A man in San Antonio, Texas, was arriving home at his apartment complex in the early-morning hours of Friday, Aug. 19, when he noted a silver Toyota Prius circling the parking lot. Before he was able to get into his apartment, three men allegedly got out of the car, demanding he hand over valuables and pointing guns at the man. The resident drew his own firearm and shot one of the men in the neck, causing the others to flee. The robber who’d been shot later died of his injuries; police are still seeking the other two. The armed citizen was not charged with a crime. (, San Antonio, Texas, 8/19/2022)



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