The Armed Citizen® November 11, 2022

posted on November 11, 2022
The Armed Citizen

When an uninvited neighbor joined an Independence Day party in Surprise, Ariz., on July 3, the homeowners allowed him to mingle. However, as several people were gathered in the kitchen, the neighbor suddenly pulled out a gun and began firing, first striking the male homeowner in the head. The man’s 7-month-pregnant wife, believing him to be dead, grabbed their two daughters and barricaded them and other children in a room deeper in the house, telling them to hide in the closet and “not make a peep if you hear loud noises.” Two other women attempted to fight the crazed neighbor and also screamed for the male homeowner, knowing he was a concealed carrier but apparently not knowing the extent of his wounds. The homeowner heard their cries and was able to get up, draw his firearm and shoot the suspect four times in the chest, killing him. The male homeowner suffered a fractured jaw and torn eardrum, plus lost his sense of smell and his entire left eye. Two other partygoers died and three others were injured in the unprovoked attack. “If I didn’t have my gun with me, everyone in the house would have died,” the homeowner said. “The news vans would’ve been front and center. But because I did, you never even heard about it,” he added. (NRA YouTube video, 9/7/2022;, New York, N.Y., 9/7/2022)


unholstering a handgun
unholstering a handgun

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