The Armed Citizen® October 4, 2020

posted on October 4, 2020
The Armed Citizen

A suspected robber in Houston, Texas, attempted to use counterfeit currency at a convenience store around 10 p.m., and upon being told that the money would not be accepted, brandished a firearm and fired at the store clerk. The clerk, fearing for his life, returned fire with his own firearm and struck the assailant. Local law enforcement arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, and the suspect was then transported to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. Police say there are no charges against the clerk at this time. (, Houston, Texas, 6/30/20)

pregnant woman in Oklahoma City, Okla., defended herself and her unborn child on July 3 when an intruder broke into her apartment, according to the Oklahoma City Police Department. She reportedly heard a knock on her door, and upon looking out to see who was there, did not recognize the man and did not open the door. Later that evening, the woman took her dog for a walk, and when she returned, so did the intruder, who attempted to force his way inside. The woman was able to retrieve her firearm and promptly fired at the intruder, striking him in the shoulder. Law enforcement arrived on the scene shortly after and were able to apprehend the suspect. The intruder was treated for his injuries at a local hospital before being booked into a nearby detention center for burglary and robbery. (, Oklahoma City, Okla., 7/3/20)

An armed citizen in Metairie, La., was able to stop a robbery in its tracks during the early-morning hours of July 17. A 37-year-old machete-wielding man walked up to an employee outside of a convenience store and threatened to kill him before entering the store and beginning to take items. The employee walked back inside, but was threatened again by the robber. It was at this point that a customer inside drew his concealed firearm and aimed at the would-be robber without firing a shot, allowing the employee to take the machete out of the thief’s hand and call the authorities. The assailant reportedly told the store employee he would then leave, which he did, but dropped his wallet in the process when he fled the scene. Law enforcement arrested the suspect a short time later when he returned to the store while authorities were still investigating the incident. He was booked into a correctional center on charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest. (, New Orleans, La., 7/20/20)

A homeowner in Wesley Chapel, Fla., defended himself and his property from three armed robbers in the early-morning hours of July 10. The Pasco County Sheriff’s office said the resident was home alone, playing video games when he heard glass shatter toward the back of the house. The homeowner retrieved his firearm and made his way down the hallway, where he encountered two intruders, at least one of whom was masked. The armed citizen fired and fatally wounded both men, who had extensive criminal histories. The remaining intruder fired upon the homeowner, whose gun had jammed, but the homeowner was able to retrieve another firearm and returned fire as the suspect fled. That 19-year-old intruder was stopped by a neighbor, however, until law enforcement arrived. He was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and faces charges of armed home invasion and two counts of felony murder. (, Tampa Bay, Fla., 7/10/20).

Two Pueblo, Colo., residents were forced to defend themselves from three intruders during the middle of the night on July 22. According to the Pueblo Police Department, the residents informed them that a white car had parked in front of the home and that three men exited the vehicle before forcing their way in through the home’s front door. A physical altercation ensued with one of the two residents while the other retrieved a handgun. He subsequently fired upon the intruders, causing them to exit the home and drive away. The armed citizen reportedly struck two of the intruders. A short time later, one of the intruders, a 39-year-old man, arrived at a local hospital with gunshot wounds, according to police. (, Colorado Springs, Colo., 7/23/20)



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