The Armed Citizen® September 1, 2023

posted on September 1, 2023
The Armed Citizen

A pregnant woman in Houston, Texas, decided to take food to her husband at his work on June 27. But, after she’d parked her vehicle and gotten out, two armed men in an SUV that was parked nearby exited their vehicle. The two verbally accosted the woman, who called out to her husband. When he came out, one of the suspects, who was carrying a rifle, got into another nearby vehicle. The other man, however, reportedly approached the husband, pointing his gun at him and repeatedly asking, “Do you want to die tonight?” The couple attempted to ignore him, but the man began pistol-whipping the husband. Fortunately, both the woman and the man were concealed carriers; both drew their firearms and shot the assailant. The couple then held the man at gunpoint until authorities arrived and transported him to the hospital; he faces multiple charges once released. Police also indicated that the suspect was a felon barred from having a firearm. The woman, who was only two weeks from her delivery date, told reporters “Thank God we had our guns. I’ve never been happier to be a gun carrier.” (, Houston, Texas, 6/28/23)

During the early-morning hours of April 2, a woman and a man in a club got into an altercation in Carroll County, Miss. The woman and a friend decided to leave the premises to avoid further problems. However, the man followed them to a house down the street, despite being told to stay away. The man following them then reportedly grabbed the woman and a struggle ensued. The woman shot the alleged assailant multiple times during the struggle. The man was airlifted to a hospital and was in stable condition; the woman was held briefly but released quickly since the shooting appeared to be a case of self-defense. (, Jackson, Miss., 4/4/23)


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