The Armed Citizen® September 8, 2023

posted on September 8, 2023
The Armed Citizen

On April 6, a jewelry shop in Glendale, Colo., had just been opened for the day’s business when a man came in and started pointing a gun at the employees, demanding they open the jewelry cases. Fortunately, the store’s co-owner was on the other end of the store and was able to approach the robber from behind and fatally shoot him, ending the threat to his employees. The store’s owner emphasized that it was not his inventory he was concerned about, as that is insured. “He came in with the gun all ready,” the armed citizen told reporters. “Three seconds and he had it out, pointed it at one salesperson, then pointed it at another salesperson. The scary part is, he had no mask. Who knows—he might want to kill everybody.” The robber had a long criminal history and was out on parole at the time of the incident. (, Denver, Colo., 4/7/23)

A man in Cudahy, Wis., returned home on June 19 to find insulation from his attic on the kitchen floor. He thought an animal had gotten in, so he went upstairs to investigate. Instead of an animal, he found a man, who tried to introduce himself. The homeowner drew his firearm and held the man at gunpoint until police arrived. During this time, the intruder reportedly offered him $300 to let him go. The 36-year-old suspect had been jumping from roof to roof when he apparently fell through in this home and was suffering from a broken leg. Police arrested the suspect and found him to be a felon out on parole, in possession of drugs. They also found a stolen firearm near the home they believe he had been using earlier to take potshots at police officers. (, New York, N.Y., 6/26/23)



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