War Hippies Are NRA Country

posted on August 3, 2022
War Hippies

If you’re a proud American that supports our military and loves great music, you’ll want to know about a new country group and lifestyle brand, War Hippies. The duo, comprised of Scooter Brown and Donnie Reis, may be new on the country-music scene, but both members have lots of music experience. After serving more than four years as a U.S. Marine, Brown played over 150 concert dates a year, including performing with Travis Tritt and on the Grand Ole Opry. Reis first picked up a violin at the age of 10 before serving in the US Army from 2001 to 2009. Now the two have come together to tell their stories with a guitar and violin. “Our brand is about peace and love. It’s about helping others and doing good in the world. But we also have values and beliefs that we believe are worth fighting for,” said Reis. “In the words of the late, great Charlie Daniels, ‘I don’t wanna have to fight you but I darn sure will.’” War Hippies has become known for their stellar live performances, including tight harmonies and a wide range of song selections. We expect great things of them in 2022, so NRA Country’s Lisa Supernaugh recently spent a few moments getting to know the duo a little better.

LS: Who taught you how to shoot?
SB: Shooting was something I picked up on my own. The United States Marine Corps dialed it in.
DR: The U.S. Army taught me how to shoot at Ft. Benning, Ga.

LS: Do you have a favorite personal firearm?
SB: Charlie Daniels gifted me a Henry Rifle Golden Boy that is personalized to me. She’s a keeper!
DR: During COVID, I taught myself how to build my first lower receiver for an AR. I’d say that rifle is probably my favorite.

LS: What are some of your favorite outdoors memories?
SB: 10 years ago, I cofounded a 501c3 non-profit called Base Camp 40, Warriors In The Wild. We take veterans and Gold Star family members on hunting and fishing trips all over the country. I’ve loved being able to help guide and host trips from elk hunting in Colorado to fishing in Alaska. Watching somebody receive the gift of the wild is just as good as being there yourself.

LS: What are you working on and what can fans expect from War Hippies?
DR: We released our first single, “Killin’ It,” and it’s received a great response so far. Fans can find our music everywhere music is streamed and learn more about War Hippies online at WarHippies.com and all the main social-media sites.

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