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NRATV Commentators Tell Levi’s That Gun Owners #DontDie4Denim

Photo credit: Getty Images

NRATV’s Dana Loesch, Cam Edwards and Grant Stinchfield are standing up for American gun owners who are fed up with lectures from anti-Second Amendment elitists like Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh. You can join them by telling @LEVIS that law-abiding firearm owners #DontDie4Denim.

“Since Levi’s has decided to hop into the culture war, I’ve decided to hop out of my Levi’s,” said Edwards in response to an open letter from Bergh to his customers, in which he requested they do not bring their firearms into Levi’s stores. “As long as Levi’s decides that they’re going to lecture others on how and when they should defend themselves, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.”

“I don’t want to die over a pair of jeans,” Loesch told Stinchfield on “NRATV Live,” noting that the “total pansies” at Levi’s are asking people not to carry guns in their stores, while at the same time not providing armed security for protection.

Watch Loesch and Stinchfield above and check out Cam’s rant on Levi’s here. And be sure to show @LEVIS why you #DontDie4Denim—pictures wearing a pair of real American jeans are a plus!

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