Cam’s Corner: Virginia Is On The Line This November

posted on June 27, 2019

The 2020 elections are looming on the horizon, but where I live we have critically important elections coming up in November. Every seat in Virginia’s General Assembly is up for grabs, and gun control advocates are spending a lot of time and money to try and flip both the House and Senate from pro-Second Amendment to anti-Second Amendment. If they’re successful, we won’t see minor gun control bills introduced. Instead, gun control activists will try to turn Virginia into an East Coast version of California.

It has been two decades since the state saw significant gun control legislation signed into law, and those intent on turning your rights protected under the Second Amendment into privileges have a long list of items on their anti-gun wish list—from “universal” background check laws, to “red flag” laws that strip individuals of their rights without due process, to gun bans and restrictions on our right to carry.

I’m getting involved in these elections like never before. I’ll be phone banking, knocking on doors and doing everything I can as an NRA member and a grassroots volunteer to ensure that our firearms freedom remains strong for another generation. If you’re a Virginia gun owner, please join me. And no matter where you live, get ready to do the same for your state and your rights in 2020. The stakes have never been higher, the opposition has never been more motivated, and we need to stand together to meet this challenge head on.


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