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Replica Machine Gun Barred from City Parade in Kansas, Reinstated

Replica Machine Gun Barred from City Parade in Kansas, Reinstated

Just how paranoid is the Left? Well, maybe the better question to ask is why they’re hell-bent on attaching a social stigma to guns—even fake ones.

When Kansas Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach rode in the Old Shawnee Days Parade, he sat in a Jeep and was wrapped in an American flag—and a replica machine gun was mounted on the vehicle.

While the crowd of patriotic, freedom-loving Americans cheered, the liberals went hog wild, expressing outrage that a candidate would dare to display a gun—albeit an inoperable one.

Kobach responded, calling the effort “part of the Left’s larger crusade to make guns socially unacceptable.”

“For centuries in America, most parades have featured men with guns—whether it be the color guard carrying the flag, or military equipment old and new,” Kobach told Breitbart News. “The snowflakes now want to erase this American tradition because someone might be offended.”

But the Left’s cries were loud enough to make the Iola Farm City Days committee members shake in their shoes with worry over what the gun control advocates would do if their town allowed Kobach to roll down their streets with the gun. So, they told him, no dice.

It wasn’t a unanimous decision. Indeed, Virginia Crossland-Macha resigned as president of the committee after the blatant slap in the face of patriotism and Second Amendment rights.

“Living in one of Kansas areas where there is a high population of gun enthusiasts who are avid Second Amendment supporters, one has to think that maybe this is more than just about a replica [gun],” Crossland-Macha told Breitbart News in a statement. “It just saddens me.”

After much outcry, the committee reconsidered its decision and decided to allow Kobach and his fake gun.

Why is it that the Hollywood elites can make millions off films that glorify killing and rely on gun play as ways to drive the plot forward—even if it is in excess, but a political candidate whose philosophy is based on preserving those things that this country was built on can’t demonstrate such a belief?

Kansas voters, it’s time to make your voices heard. When you go to the polls Nov. 6, show the liberals that you’re tired of government overreach and of a few loud voices censoring what you say and do.

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