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Carl Bernosky’s Best Tip for New Shooters

Carl Bernosky’s Best Tip for New Shooters

Competitive shooter Carl Bernosky was asked: What is the best tip you could give a new shooter?

“A new shooter should learn what a perfect sight picture looks like and be able to reproduce it every time. Then, [he/she should learn] how to activate the trigger without disturbing that sight picture. Start slowly from stable positions. Start shooting from the bench or ground with support and gradually introduce more difficult, unsupported positions as your skill level improves. Go slowlg and have fun, the shooting sports will open up an entire new world of friends and mentors to any new shooter.”

Carl Bernosky has been a precision marksman competitor for more than 48 years and has been named by the NRA as one of the “100 Greatest Shooters of the 20th Century.”

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