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Taurus and Rossi Guns Deliver Punch and Fun

Taurus and Rossi Guns Deliver Punch and Fun

Photo credit: Route 1a Advertising

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the new models and offerings from Brazilian arms makers Taurus and Rossi during a firearms roundtable. With the many options the companies provided for testing, along with NovXAmmo, here is a roundup of the firearms that were just plain fun to shoot.



UL 856 Revolver

This .38 Spl. revolver is small in hand, though as a woman with small to medium-sized hands, I did not find this to be a problem. The gun is a reliable six-shot with a good, soft rubber grip that is easy to wrap your hands around and get a firm hold on it, with a barrel length of 2 inches. The recoil is relatively light and manageable, and it is easy to bring it back in to re-sight and shoot again, compared with other revolvers I have shot.


TH 9C Pistol 9 mm Luger Compact

This compact firearm from Taurus is accurate and fun to shoot. Using NovXAmmo, which is considerably lighter than traditional steel-case ammo, lessened the felt-recoil and weight of the firearm. The gun itself is light, with a good grip feel and size that is, again, quite manageable for smaller hands. Trigger-pull weight and time is short, and the magazine release is easy to reach. The gun offers a barrel length of 3.54 inches.


G2C in 9mm

The G2C is a small, light pistol capable of concealed carry and a barrel length of 3.25 inches. The grip is comfortable and small enough for me to wrap my hands around it without worrying I wouldn’t be able to maintain a good grip. The recoil is light and I found little trouble re-aiming after each shot. I recommend this as a good-sized carry pistol.



Rossi USA has debuted three new .22 LR rifles, two of which I had the pleasure of shooting. The company offers the rimfire rifles in black synthetic, with the option of a bolt-action or semi-automatic rimfire rifle. The two bolt-actions listed on the company’s website site differ with the option of a five-round or 10-round detachable magazine. Weight for all three comes in between 4 and 4.5 pounds. My preference is for semi-automatics, though the bolt-action worked smoothly through the 10-shot detachable magazine. With sights aligned properly, the semi-automatic is light and easy to handle, but sturdy enough to grip firmly, with an accurate shot pattern.

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