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Chicago Anti-Gun Politician Kept Private Arsenal

Chicago Anti-Gun Politician Kept Private Arsenal

It’s not unusual for the gun grabbers to have a “guns for me but not for thee” attitude, but a Chicago alderman is getting a first-hand experience of firearm confiscation.

It seems Alderman Ed Burke, in typical hypocritical fashion of the anti-gun politicians, is just another example of a gun grabber who thought he was above the law 

See, Chicago bars people from having guns inside City Hall and other government buildings. But knowing the mandate and abiding by it are two different things, because Burke kept 23 firearms in his office.

Burke must have thought that his history of being a Chicago police officer and private detective would be enough to excuse his flouting of the law. But a U.S. magistrate judge had other ideas and out Burke in his place recently when he was ordered to hand over his arsenal to U.S. Marshals. 

We hope Burke isn’t crying over the confiscation—not!  Here’s the thing. Why should someone who thinks it’s totally OK to place restrictions on law-abiding gun owners not be expected to abide by the law himself? 

Now, he might well brush off concerns about his guns by saying that some were historic guns and therefore posed no real threat. But then he’d be making himself look even more like a hypocrite, for alas, it wasn’t that long ago that Burke encouraged his constituents to turn in their own historic guns during a “buyback” program.

Leadership by example. What a concept! 

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