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Dems Content to Represent the 3 Percent

Dems Content to Represent the 3 Percent

Remember when you were in school, and the textbooks and teachers discussed the notion of a representative government? You know, the type of government where the citizens elect someone who will keep their interests in mind when it comes to legislative concerns. Well, apparently the anti-gunners are content to treat that concept with as much disdain as they want—all in an effort to get their way in Washington.

A new Gallup poll shows that only three out of every 100 respondents think access to guns is a major problem facing this country right now. Yet, the incoming Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is so attached to the notion of gun control that they were publicizing ahead of taking their seats that new restrictions will be the first things they shuttle through.

To put it in perspective, in case the number of 3 percent isn’t low enough to show its true insignificance, the subject of guns placed 13th in the final ranking of problems this country needs to address. It lagged behind such things as immigration (16 percent), divisiveness within the country (8 percent), poverty and hunger (6 percent), health care (5 percent) and—here’s the big one—fixing the government itself (19 percent).

With such problems taking priority over the matter of guns, one has to wonder why the Reps are so adamant about the prospect of imposing more restrictions on a constitutional right. In a nutshell, it must come down to the notion of them not understanding the basic concept of a representative government. And that speaks of the contempt that they hold not only for the system, but for their constituents—the very people who elected them to office.

We can only guess that such bull-headedness is one of the main reasons why fixing the government leads the pack when it comes to things ordinary Americans would like to change.

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