America’s Most Politically Incorrect Scholarship Contest

posted on June 21, 2021
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In this strange situation we find ourselves in as a nation today, a scholarship contest for high school seniors in three states might just be the most politically incorrect—and refreshingly patriotic—activity we’ve come across in a long while.

That’s no surprise to those who know about Frontier Justice, a family-owned company that owns and operates three family oriented gun ranges in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. After all, the company’s motto is faith, family and firearms.

Frontier Justice
Frontier Justice

“This year, for the first time we’re doing a scholarship even at our Missouri facility made up of graduating seniors from Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska who are graduating seniors,” said Bren Brown, who along with her husband, Mike, own and operate the Frontier Justice ranges. “The tournament began as an essay contest. The graduating seniors wrote essays on why they’re proud to be Americans. The 10 top essay winners are competing in a shooting competition for $10,000 in scholarship money.”

Graduating seniors in all three states submitted essays on their American pride, and the 10 top essays were selected. At the end of June, the 10 essay winners will compete in a shooting competition for the scholarship money.

“The top winner will get $5,000 in scholarship money, the second place will get $3,000, third place $1,000 and all the rest of the kids will get a $50 gift card to Frontier Justice,” Bren said. “It was for vo-tech school or college. But if I recall I think the top 10 are all going to a four-year college, maybe one is going to community college. But it was for vo-tech or any kind of higher education that they wanted.”

For the owners and employees of Frontier Justice, both American pride and education are considered critical to the future of not only the Second Amendment, but of the entire nation, too.

“It’s really been cool to create this event and to be able to give scholarships,” Bren said. “I’ve always wanted to be able to do a scholarship, and this year is the year we get to do it.

“I feel strongly about education. It’s part of our DNA here as far as firearms are concerned, teaching people how to use their firearms and be safe with their firearms, letting them get better and enjoy the shooting sports.”

Bren said the current anti-American pride leanings of some in our society is concerning, and she hopes Frontier Justice can do its part to promote America and American greatness.

“We have ‘faith, family and firearms’ on the front of our buildings, and the reason we have family as part of that quotient is because left-leaning people have done the long game of educating our children, and the media have done kind of a botched-up job of teaching people that firearms are the boogie man and that they’re no longer needed,” Bren said. “So some forget the historical significance of the Second Amendment. We wanted to create facilities where women, in particular, feel comfortable. And I say women because when you get the woman, you get the child. And we need children to learn and be safe with firearms, not only for protection but for the sport of it.”

All three Frontier Justice facilities have high-quality modern ranges, a boutique for shopping, training facilities with a full slate of training opportunities, fully stocked pro shops and special-use facilities. But in the end it’s all about the three main tenants upon which the company was built.

“It doesn’t matter what we’re selling; it’s faith, family and freedom that we’re about,” Bren said. “And we want to take that and we want to spread it. We want the idea: Be proud to be an American, be proud of your family, be proud of your faith. Don’t be afraid to stand for something.”


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