1st American Reserve Makes $10,000 Donation to NRA Life of Duty

posted on November 5, 2015

1st American Reserve, America’s premier marketer of top-quality gold and silver coins and one of America’s 1st Freedom magazine’s most consistent advertisers, has donated $10,000 to the National Rifle Association’s Life of Duty program. 

Paul Stein (l) and Mike Fuljenz (r), of 1st American Reserve, present a check for $10,000 to NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. [Photo courtesy of NRA Staff]

According to Mike Fuljenz of 1st American Reserve, the money was raised during the coin group’s recent “Silver Helping Heroes” campaign, where a portion of the proceeds from selling silver bullets was earmarked for the NRA’s LOD program. 

NRA Life of Duty is the National Rifle Association’s most prominent effort to salute and serve the heroes who defend American freedom at home and abroad, offering services to military, law enforcement and other first responders.


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