I Am Forever: One Life

posted on January 5, 2016

The eighth and final episode of “I Am Forever” Season 2, sponsored by FNH USA, is marked by the theme of completion. As the women near the finish line of their backpacking trek, Nick acknowledges that his own life is drawing to a close. With humility and peace, he reflects on the ingredients that made his life worth living and the qualities that brought him success. 

Cam Edwards, Seton Motley and Charles Cooke weigh in on the question of what made America great in the first place and how we can recapture that greatness. Their answers include risk, responsibility and connectedness—a grassroots strategy based on individual effort and community cohesion. 

The Magpul Core team praises the tenacity and toughness of the backpackers, as they reach their goal after acquiring new skills and fighting through foot problems that have sidelined experienced outdoorsmen. Kristy, Faith and Jessi share a final discussion on the strength that they have found within themselves and the lessons that they will carry with them back to their everyday lives. Running through all of these scenes is the thread suggesting that our individual interactions with nature and with each other play a vital role in shaping the fabric of our society—and in determining whether America will find its past glory. 

The new episode is available on NRA News. To watch it in its entirety, go here!


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