I Am Forever: A Better Life In America

posted on November 24, 2015

On the second episode of “I Am Forever” Season 2, sponsored by FNH USA, the hosts explore how the experience of scarcity informs the experience of living in America. Nick reflects upon his childhood experience of running from the Nazis, living in the forest and eating sparrows to survive. Cam Edwards of “Cam & Co.” asks why video games provide the closest thing to a feeling of real accomplishment that many young people experience today. And Seton Motley of Less Government says that the Internet, which should be a tool for knowledge, is leading our culture in the wrong direction.

Host Kristy Titus guides her intrepid female crew through the Washington wilderness, battling through blistering feet and thirst. The experience of having to find, purify and transport such a basic necessity as water gives the travelers a new perspective on living in a developed nation and never lacking for such things. Getting back to the elements makes it easier not to take material comforts for granted and to appreciate the mindset of the original settlers who pursued the American dream.

Oh, and we wanted to know a little bit about the guns.

A1F Daily: What are some of the firearms that you’re training on? Did you have a favorite?

Kristy Titus: We trained with the FN 15 DMR, topped with Swarovski Optik Z6 1-6x24. I loved shooting this platform during our training sessions first and foremost because it is a super-accurate rifle that operates very smoothly, making it easy to control and manage. The fun really began for me when we started to pick up the pace and balance speed with accuracy. Who doesn’t love sending lots of bullets downrange and hitting steel on each shot?

The new episode is available on NRA News. To watch it in its entirety, go here!



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