I Am Forever: Hard Work

posted on December 8, 2015

On the fourth episode of “I Am Forever” Season 2, sponsored by FNH USA and with ammunition by Federal Premium, Nick speaks about the boundless opportunities available to him in America through hard work. Through energy and determination, he rose from having nothing to possessing power and money. 

The backpackers reach their daily goal and discuss how the effort to get there made the reward—including a breathtaking view—much sweeter. And our panelists explain why they feel that hard work is becoming devalued in contemporary America. We asked host Cam Edwards to expand on some of his comments. 

A1F Daily: You mentioned that it seems kids these days have experiences that are entirely geared toward their education and not their actual career and life after college. Are there older traditions that you think served young people better that need to be revived? Anything you did that you feel was particularly beneficial to you as an adult?

Cam Edwards: There are a few venerable traditions that seem to be going by the wayside that I’d love to see make a comeback. Reading for pleasure, for example. Students get a lot of reading assignments, but directed reading isn’t the same as cracking open a book with a subject or story that’s piqued your curiosity.   

Summer jobs seem to be disappearing for a lot of teenagers as well, which is a real shame. Even if we’re not planning for a career in fast food or mowing lawns, it’s important to learn the lesson that hard work pays off at a relatively tender age. My first real job was at a bowling alley snack bar, and the money I earned helped me put gas in my car and take my girlfriend to the movies every now and then—but what it really gave me was my first taste of freedom and independence.   

I didn’t grow up in a gun-owning household, but all of my kids have been taught how to be safe and responsible with firearms, which is another tradition that’s hopefully making a comeback. Some of my kids really enjoy shooting with Dad and some of them would rather go for a walk in the woods with me instead, but at a minimum they all know how to properly and safely handle a firearm. It might not help them get into an Ivy League university, but it’s good knowledge to have.   

The new episode is available on NRA News. To watch it in its entirety, go here!


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