Europe, and Even CNN, are Learning How Important Civilian Gun Ownership Is

posted on February 28, 2022
AP/Igor Maslov

A member of Ukraine’s parliament told Fox News on February 25, as Russian forces neared the capital city of Kyiv, that he got a gun from a local police department that was “handing them out like candy.”

With enemy forces coming to take Ukrainians’ liberty, freedom—their very futures—even CNN’s typically anti-Second Amendment talking heads had tears in their eyes as they acknowledged the bravery of civilians in Ukraine who were willing to take up arms to fight for their nation, for their children and for their basic human rights.

Even The New York Times, a publication that typically detests America’s Second Amendment rights, reported on Saturday, in an article by Andrew E. Kramer, that “Ukraine’s army and a growing corps of civilian volunteers are mounting a spirited defense of the capital.”

“When I heard the explosions I decided that I am ready,” said Olena Sokolan, a Ukrainian business manager quoted by The New York Times. She said she got a rifle. “I am adult woman, I am healthy and it’s my responsibility.” 

This Times’ article was upbeat about civilian arms in the face of a hostile takeover.

Later on, these typically anti-Second Amendment news outlets might attempt to make the distinction that America is not a war zone. Though parts of America in 2020 resembled a war zone, it’s a fair point; but then, when a rapist, murderer or other monster attempts to break into a home, to car jack a mother or attacks someone on a street, isn’t that good individual in just as much danger? There is a huge difference in scale, but to the potential victim, the danger is the same, as is the need to have access to a real means to self-preservation; as in the right to keep and bear arms. Only with this right intact can good citizens defend themselves from evil.

Clearly, what is  happening in Ukraine proves the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in drafting the Second Amendment. They wanted to make sure the American people would never be subjugated. The Second Amendment, at its core is, has always been about preserving human dignity, self-destiny and freedom.

Indeed, just before the Russian invasion, on February 23, Ukraine’s parliament “voted to approve in the first reading a draft law which gives permission to Ukrainians to carry firearms and act in self-defence,” reported Reuters.

“The adoption of this law is fully in the interests of the state and society,” the authors of the law said, according to Reuters.

That’s true, but then, it always has been true.


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