First Gear: Ditale Outdoors Eve Performance Top, DeSoto Bronze Mirror sunglasses, SOG PowerAccess Deluxe Multi-tool

posted on January 29, 2024
long sleeve shirt, sunglasses, multitool
Photos: Peter Fountain

1. Feature-Rich Base Layer I can hear you now … it’s another performance top for women. And, indeed, there’s no shortage of these to be found on the market—but what sets the Ditale Outdoors Eve Performance Top apart for me is its women-specific tailoring and off-shoulder seams. The stretch knit is flattering to your figure (though you’ll have to be certain to buy the right size for it to be so) and the off-shoulder seams mean you can carry a backpack or even a purse without the usual bunching up and chafing. Plus, of course, it’s moisture-wicking, has antimicrobial odor control and has UPF 50-plus sun protection so you can stay on the range all day—and the long-sleeved version has those handy thumb holes so you can usually skip the gloves on cooler days. That’s a lot from a basic top. (; $69)

2. Sunglasses for Changing Conditions Leupold is one of the most-respected names in optics, and their considerable experience in that realm shines through in the DeSoto Bronze Mirror sunglasses. They are perfect for changing light conditions, like cloudy days or the indoor/outdoor range experience. The bronze polarization will make colors pop, particularly blues and greens, and cut glare; also, unlike most sunglasses, the polarization is
infused rather than merely an outside coating, while the lenses are scratch-resistant. These features are really helpful for those of us who are hard on their gear (ahem). They are also shatterproof and ballistics-rated, have a non-slip bridge and are hydrophobic. (; $189.99)

3. 21 in One I love multi-tools and keep them scattered around—in the kitchen, car, office, other car—everywhere. If you’re like me and just want to have the tool you need on hand whenever and wherever you need it, consider this stainless-steel SOG PowerAccess Deluxe with its whopping 21-tool setup. It, of course, includes the usual items like knife blades, openers, screwdrivers and a saw. But, more rarely, it also has a magnetic driver with an included hex-bit kit and compound-leverage pliers that give you more power than usual. (; $79.95)


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