Giffords’ New Scare Tactic: Statues of Children Cowering Under Desks

posted on September 20, 2018

When you can’t sway people using logic and facts, resort to scare tactics. That’s the latest ingredient in the Giffords group’s recipe to sway voters to back anti-gun candidates.

The group—spearheaded by former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was a shooting victim several years back—has said it wants to flip 10 congressional districts, booting out those who support the Second Amendment and replacing them with politicians who support “common-sense” “gun safety” measures.

For years, such groups have tried to capitalize on any criminal shooting to get on their soapboxes and promote things like bans on modern sporting rifles, raising the age to purchase long guns, curtailing the sale of so-called “high-capacity” magazines—you name it.

Tired of being thwarted because Americans who value freedom tend to tire of government overreach, the Giffords group plans to put up displays of a child hiding under a desk—harking back to the duck-and-cover drills of yore, but now representative of schoolchildren participating in “active shooter drills.”

The statues will be put in the following places: Parkland, Fla.; Las Vegas; Denver; Minneapolis; Irvine, Calif.; Milwaukee; Houston; Sarasota, Fla.; Spokane, Wash.; and Philadelphia.

This is yet another example of how the liberals are turning guns into the prime issue for this year’s midterms and in state elections across the nation.

The concept must draw on the old adage that “art imitates life.” But if NRA members and others who believe in the very foundations of this country have anything to say about it, it’s sure to be a wasted effort. Get out and vote this November, and be sure to urge like-minded friends to cast their ballots, too. Remember, millions of our votes can beat millions of their dollars.


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