Gun Control Candidate Charged in Gun Homicide

posted on August 15, 2018
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About a year ago, Kellie Collins was running for Congress, stumping on the message that the country needed “responsible” gun laws because we need “to protect the community”—an absurd argument itself, considering that part of protecting the community should involve allowing people to protect themselves against criminals, since police can’t be everywhere.

But it’s complete hypocrisy, wouldn’t you say, for a wanna-be politician to stump about the need to make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, then turn around and get tangled up in an investigation concerning a crime involving a gun.

Collins, though, has done just that.

The body of her campaign treasurer, Curtis Cain, was found last week in an apartment in Aiken, S.C. He had been shot to death. Within a week of the police discovery of his body, Collins turned herself in to authorities in Georgia.

She has since been transferred to the Aiken jail and charged with murder and grand larceny.


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