I Am Forever: A Journey To Reignite The American Spirit

posted on November 13, 2015

American culture is at a crisis point. For a people to be self-governed, they must first govern themselves. They must be self-controlled, self-disciplined, honest, self-restrained, independent.

But for the past five decades, at least, Americans have increasingly surrendered their personal responsibility. They feel less responsible for the common defense, for productive work, for choosing their own representatives, and for being a leader in their local communities or even in their own household. 

We’re more comfortable, coddled and removed from the simple realities of existence than any civilization in the history of the world.

If freedom demands responsibility, what hope for freedom is there in a country where … 

  • 50 percent of its citizens admit they can’t name their neighbors.
  • A third of 6- to 11-year-olds are obese.
  • Diet books are best-sellers.
  • Nearly half don’t vote in presidential elections.
  • 36 percent can’t name the three branches of their own government.
  • 41 percent can’t name the vice president. 

If our culture continues on this suicidal path, it won’t matter what party is in power—freedom will be but a memory. 

Are we doomed to use our freedom to squander our freedom? Will our culture continue to honor and celebrate values and philosophies contrary to those that sustain freedom? Or will we reconnect with a way of living that keeps us free, and reverse course? 

“I Am Forever” explores this subject in three distinct ways: What our culture has been, what our culture is, and what our culture should be. 

What Our Culture Has Been 

A 76-year-old man looks back on a life that began in war-torn, Nazi-occupied Greece, where starvation, executions and devastation were all he knew … to immigrating to America when he was 9 years old, thinking the streets there were paved with gold, and crying when he realized he’d been lied to … to ultimately realizing the streets here are, in fact, paved with gold: a gold called opportunity. 

What Our Culture Is 

A group of commentators discuss the current state of American culture. Through anecdotes, statistics and analysis, they make the case that if nothing changes, we will surrender our freedom. 

What Our Culture Should Be 

Three women, accompanied by three instructors, embark on a four-day, 25-mile trek through the mountain wilderness of central Washington. Isolated from the comforts of 21st-century American life, they overcome fatigue, fear, failure and self-doubt to learn backcountry survival skills and emerge more confident, self-reliant and independent than ever. 

Their journey is documented in Season 2 of “I Am Forever,” sponsored by FNH USA. The show airs on NRANews.com—you can watch the season promo here, then tune in Tuesday, Nov. 17 for the season premiere. You won’t want to miss this fascinating exploration into American culture and what it means for our future freedom.


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